The wave shake wide up and down Acrylic gouache on Panel,1455×1120mm 2pieces 

Bird’s eye of the river view    Acrylic gouache on Panel, 83°—57cm 2pieces 

Yokohama view Acrylic,Medium on Canvas 2022. 500✖️500mm

ECG transration1,2   Acrylic,Medium on Canvas 2019. 606✖️606mm 

ECG transration   Original sound

For Bach   Flora     Acrylic, on Canvas 2020.  2000✖️500mm

Untitled     Acrylic, on Canvas 2011. 727✖️917mm

Untitled    Acrylic, on Canvas 2019. 158✖️227mm

Entrance green     Acrylic, on Canvas 2009. 210✖️297mm

Untitled     Acrylic, on Canvas 2006. 1460✖️910mm

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